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Streamline the administrative working of the courts in Maharashtra

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Since the past forty years or so, the public nuisance of missing briefs, wrong dates, wrong roznamas, no entry of future date on the board file, and such other administrative services of various courts, in Maharashtra has only aggravated, with no remedy in sight. With the advent of computerization in courts it was envisaged to increase efficiency; but the precise converse has transpired, as is apparent from number of complaints by advocates and litigants, in respect of the subject. It would not be out of place to mention, that most of the complaints to the hon'ble high court Bombay are not acted upon, save complaints by persons occupying high office, which is not possible for the common man to achieve; besides there are certain court staff, who in league with anti social elements, literally introduce artificial impediments in the cases of certain parties, which on the surface may appear erroneous and innocuous yet it is being done for a consideration. On one of my complaints through Hon'ble Ramdas Athawle (M.P.) an inquiry was conducted and a particular staffer was penalized; but every citizen cannot have the resources of contact, time, money and energy to diligently persue the issue. I therefore humbly request the hon'ble chief justice high court Bombay to personally look into this anomaly and have it rectified for which act of kindness the litigating public and myself shall be highly obliged.


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