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Is Mr Donald Trump Correct US now ostracize Muslim from America

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“Donald Trump”- An American business magnate and candidate for President of US in 2016. Mr Trump as the candidate for president of United States says America has high threat from Muslims. As the solution or the precaution from the threat he suggested banning Muslims entering United States. According to Mr Trump not only Muslim tourists but the tourism to Muslim areas should also be banned. But the residency of American president “White House” has declared that this not accepted by them as it may cause more threat for America and its counties. But yes, this saying or suggestion of Trump has great number of supporters. This may lead him to win the elections. The decision of Trump resulted him to be at the top in the Republican Party. US now ostracize Muslim from America 'and impose "complete shutdown' on Muslims entering U.S" say "YES" or "NO" (Sign this petition to support Mr trump or Oppose and expose, is this comment is truly political speech or heart feeling of Mr. Trump. Is Mr Donald Trump Correct? Is this man with such hatred for Muslim liable to be the president of US? Join our petition and share your valuable views with us.


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