Modify your own neighborhood or even your own entire world

Each day, persons that you make actual change with difficulties that they love together with Modify. If you need a number of backdrop info, understand precisely how the on the web petition is effective. For anyone who is completely ready to get started, understand the easy tip sheets below:

Start Your Petition:

Set a goal
Choose a decision maker
Tell the you story
Categorize your petition
Edit your title
Upload a photo or video
Add your decision maker's contact information
Write a letter to your decision maker
Use an email address you check regularly
Post updates to your petition page
Stay tuned for additional tips and guides from us

Promote Your Petitions:
Email your friends and family.
Share your petition on Facebook.
Tweet and post updates.
Tell your story with video.
Post on your own blog or listserv.
Reach out to local bloggers and mailing lists.
Find allies in local groups and organizations.