SocialOstracism is the world's best petition cum Signature campaign platform, here we are with an aim to make people aware of ostracism and get the issue resolved quickly and permanently .

Who we are:
We the Socialostracism is the new online platform that brings people all around the nation into a community to share their views on the important aspects existing in our country. We make the strong use of one’s online persona to start and win the campaign against the issues affecting the social environment of nation. We work to gather the ordinary people and NGO to make them even stronger to raise their voice in a right direction. Our aim is just to make social awareness against the criticisms going on in our society. So let us join and make our country even better!
Now the only thing we can do rather than just speaking off about the criticism with our friends on local kattas is to come on join the community and discuss some points against the criticism. We are the only medium for you to speak but you are the main aspects who can make us feel happy with our aim to make the world better.

Director & Founder Of social Ostracism:
Mr. Narendra Kumar Chandiramani is the founder and director of the company LeoHeart itech pvt. Ltd. and He started LeoHeart itech Pvt. Ltd. In 2011 and in 2013 with aim to change the world by signature campagin with unique petition platform providing ordinary people the medium to raise the voice against the ostracism existing in the society. Initially Socialostracism was a “signature campaign” medium but later on with great supporters like you it turned into a petition cum signature campaign site name “”.
Future Scope of Social Ostracism:
We are here to make the solutions to issues that can be a greater headline in future. Also in future there might be an android app of social ostracism to make people easily start petition with us. Social ostracism may lead big campaigns in future like human trafficking etc. and other greater issues existing.

Come on we are changing the world do help us for it!